About Me

As a young girl I was forever ‘bored’, always looking for things to make or take apart to see how they worked and were made. Much to my parents delight!. As I grew older I found a love of creating beautiful things especially jewellery. From the age of 16 I was making and selling in local fayres and markets, always pushing myself to make something different and better than the item before it. Although my styles and creations have changed over the years, one thing hasn’t, that strong passion to create something unique and beautiful is just as strong as that first day.

Another thing that hasn’t changed, is my love and appreciation for gemstones in all their forms and beauty. Mother nature truly is the greatest creator and artist of all!. When I was just 6 years old my grand parents introduced me to a weekly gemstone magazine that I collected till the very last one. Every time I look at the gems and books it reminds me of the amazing time I spent with my grandparents learning about and studying each piece. I still have and use the whole collection of magazines over 28 years later, except for one little ruby which I made into a beautiful piece of jewellery for my mother when my grandfather sadly passed away 2 years ago.

In 2017 I was able to stop working and dedicate my time fully to concentrate entirely on my jewellery business. Not only am I helping support my family financially while doing something I love, I am also able to be there every day to watch and help my amazing children grow. Every day being able to work from home is a blessing and teaching my children what I know makes it even more worth while as they too have a passion in all things hand made, with the same love for something different and beautiful that I have.

When ever I start a new design I always try to let the stone speak to me. For every gem has a history far beyond ours, with millions of years of growth within the ground. Sometimes that stone is so beautiful it needs the simplest of frames to show off its true beauty, other times it needs some fun or exquisite wrapping to make it pop and sometimes I will find another stone to compliment it to make it flow. With my imagination being my only limitation, I can only continue to create and grow given time, enabling a forever progressing unique style.

Knowing that something I have made will be enjoyed by others is my ultimate joy in the whole process of creating my jewellery. Whether it be completely my design or a custom piece made with your specifications and requirements in mind. Every piece of jewellery on my website has been hand made and finished with love, and I hope that you too can enjoy the creativity of my work with the true natural beauty of the gemstones I have hand picked for each piece.